Colorado Cardboard Solutions can provide beds, chairs, and tables and can also design any additional furniture that may be needed to help with epidemic control. 


With the recent ebola outbreak, the CDC recommended incineration or burying contaminated items seven feet in order to control the spread of the disease.  With cardboard furniture, health care workers could provide a new bed for each patient seen and could simply burn the bed when the patient was either released or if the patient passed away. 


Our furniture would not need to be hauled away to the nearest incinerator as there are no toxins released during the burning of our furniture so it could simply be burned in a designated area outside and if it was buried seven feet, it would only take 2 months to completely decompose.


With many different options such as amount of waterproofing needed and size, whatever needs you have we are sure to be able to fill them!

Epidemic Control



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