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Ebola - How Cardboard Furniture Can Help


The CDC suggests that on-site incineration or autoclaving be used to deactivate the Ebola virus. Once done, the remains can be transported as regulated medical waste, as it’s no longer infectious. The CDC recommends using disposable items during care for Ebola patients whenever possible, as well as collecting waste inside the patient’s room.

With incineration being the best means for containing the virus and preventing the spread of Ebola, cardboard furniture is an excellent choice for the hospitals/facilities treating Ebola patients. Hospitals can provide a cardboard bed for the patient or cardboard chair for the physician treating the patient and this can easily be incinerated after each patient and new furniture provided for the next. We offer cardboard beds, chairs, and tables and can custom make anything else that is needed by these facilities to help the containment of this deadly virus.

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